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Women Police Recruits: Half the Battle

PolicePolice. Photo: Norway Today Media

2018 has set a record high of 48% women seeking admittance to Police College this coming scholastic year.


Ann-Lisbeth Framaas, Head of Recording and Recruitment at The Norwegian Police University College (Politihøgskolen) reports of the high ratio of women wishing to join the ranks: ‘We’re pleased that the ratio of women among applicants is so high. Traditionally, police education has been a male-dominated field, but in recent years we’ve seen police education attracting many more women.’ said Framaas.

4700 Students
Statistics show a decline in overall Police College applications,with 4706 students seeking admittance this coming school year;a reduction of 168 applicants over last year. Police education as a first choice among students has also declined from recent years.

The Norwegian Police University College is a public university college tasked with educating Norway’s police force; offering a three-year basic education and master’s degree expansion.


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