More young choose fishing and aquaculture

Aquaculture Fisheries SandbergMore students choose for fishing and aquaculture. Photo: "Sett Sjøbein"

More young choose studies in fishing and aquaculture

More students choose education in seafood (fishing and aquaculture) related studies, recent figures from the secondary schools in Norway show.


– It’s truly amazing to see that so many youngsters are looking towards fishing and aquaculture. that is very good to see, because in the future we will need many smart brains and able hands in this important industry, says Minister of Fisheries, Per Sandberg (Progress Party).

The number of students seeking higher education for the next school year are now published. They show that there is an increase in students that choose for vocational subjects. There is an increase in students who wish to attend seafood related studies.

– The seafood industry will be increasingly important for funding of the welfare state. Blessed by nature, we have all the prerequisites in place to succeed. Our greatest asset is however the people who live here. A well-educated and competent workforce will be crucial in the future. The applicant figures gives reason for optimism, says the Minister of Fisheries.

Large increase in interest

Seeker numbers for year two of study, “VG2 – fishing and catching”, increased by 29 per cent from 2017 to 2018, while the number for “VG2 – aquaculture” increased by 22 per cent. In total there are 451 students who have applied for VG2 in fisheries and aquaculture. Dissecting the development over the last two years, the number of applicants for aquaculture has increased by 59.1 per cent, while “fishery and catching” applicants have increased 34.7 per cent.

– The Government has big aspirations for the seafood industry. But if we are to reach the hairy goals, we must have the young people onboard. Even more must open their eyes to the fantastic opportunities that lie in this important industry, says the Minister of Fisheries.

This year there are 207,000 applicants to the first year of upper secondary education in state run schools. There are almost as many applicants for vocational as for academic education.

Statistics Norway (SSB) believes there is a need for 90,000 more skilled workers in Norway in the next decades. The Government wishes to increase the interest for – and status of – vocational studies. In 2018, the Government will strengthen vocational education with more than NOK 70 million in added funding. That comes on top of the increase of NOK 600 million dedicated to vocational studies between 2013-2017.


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