16 injured by fireworks on New Year’s Eve

Eye InjuryWoman with eye injury. Photo: NHI

16 injured by fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Norway

A total of 16 people were injured by fireworks at the start of 2019. Five of those are considered as serious. This figure excludes minor injuries treated locally.


The Chief Physician at the Eye Department at Haukeland University Hospital, Nils Bull informs. On New Year’s Day of every year, Bull collects an overview of how many persons are treated for eye injuries after the New Year celebration. The data is collected from hospitals across Norway.

“This year’s figures, unfortunately, constitute an increase from last year, when nine were injured, three of which considered as serious, “ according to Bull.

Five of the 16 are seriously injured. The eleven others sustained moderate injuries. None of those who are injured report to have worn safety glasses at the time, he writes in a press release.

Five were spectators

Among the injured are twelve men, a boy, three women and a girl. Five of the injured were spectators.

Four out of five serious and five of the moderate eye injuries occurred as a result of effect batteries. The last of the serious injuries occurred as a result of a “Single shot” rocket. In six of the cases, Bull doesn’t possess information about the type of fireworks involved.

In three of the serious cases, the person returned to a battery that did not ignite properly.

Bull points to research that shows that countries with a ban on private fireworks have 87 per cent lower figures than those who don’t.

The Young Liberals wish to ban private fireworks

The Young Liberals (Unge Venstre) calls for a ban on private fireworks on New Year’s Eve. They justify their claim with the injuries that, regular as clockwork, is sustained.

“It is absolutely absurd that it should be okay to play with explosives the one day in the year when there is the highest intake of alcohol, ” the leader of the Young Liberals, Sondre Hansmark, writes in a press release.

He states that the Young Liberals will only allow certified pyrotechnicians to send the fireworks up.

“Then we make sure that there are only people with sufficient expertise who handle explosives, ” Hansmark concludes.

Facts (From Haukeland Univerity Hospital)

The number of eye injuries after New Year’s Eve across Norway

YearTotal [1] Serious[2]Moderate[3]


[1] Minor eye injuries are treated by Emergency Rooms and are not included.

[2]Serious injury is expected to result in significant visual impairment.

[3]Moderately severe eye damage: Severe acute injury but is not expected to cause significant visual impairment.

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