Alcohol consumption reduces life expectancy

Alcohol Holmenkollen gang bangAlcohol. Photo:Pixabay

A survey based on more than 600,000 participants shows that 5-6 glasses of wine a week reduces the person’s life expectations. The International Population Survey shows that drinking more than 100 grams of alcohol per week, 5-6 glasses of wine, means shorter life expectancy.

The test group, who drank 100-200 grams of alcohol a week, shows that the life expectancy for a 40-year-old was shortened by six months, according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, which contributed to the survey.

8.4 percent of the more than 600,000 participants answer that they drink more than 350 grams of alcohol a week. The research shows that this can reduce the lifespan of people in their forties by 4-5 years.

The Norwegian Directorate’s recommendation for Norwegians has no general maximum limit. However, the National Professional Guidance for cardiovascular disease prevention recommends that alcohol intake should not exceed 20 grams of alcohol per day for men and 10 grams for women.


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