Children born late in the year more often in need of social security

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Children born late in the year, often get a reduced working capacity and need social secury more often, according to a Swedish study.

It is clear tendency for babies born late in the year to be in need of social security in their adult life, the head of the Swedish national insurance   Ann-Marie Begles writes  in an article in Dagens Nyheter. She refers to a study that was published  on Tuesday.
Children born in December, are at 16 percent higher risk of having reduced working capacity than children born in January, the study shows.  The risk of children born late in the year receiving the diagnoses of personality disorders, emotional disorders and ADHD during their lifetime, is particularly high.
A lack of support at school is highlighted as one of the main explanations. Because of this schools need to become better at adjusting and adapting the instruction and lessons to the abilities of individual students, Begles writes. There is a need to put resources in place  so that students who need special support can be revealed early on , she says.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today