About 20 tombstones overturned in Romerike

Stalsberghagen gravlundStalsberghagen gravlund.Photo: lokalhistoriewiki.no

Approximately 20 tombstones were overturned and several tomb lanterns were crushed at Stalsberhagen cemetery in Romerike on May 17th, after midnigh.

Early in the morning the police were notified by relations of those buried of the vandalism at the cemetery, located on the border between Strømmen and Rælingen,  Romerikes Blad writes.
– This is unpleasant and just tragic. We can only hope that we manage to get to the bottom of this,  leader of operations in  East police, Stine Bjerke,  said.
Police have investigated the place, but has so far found no solid leads. Because of this, they are asking witnesses who may have seen vehicles or people in the area at the time when the crime is believed to have occured  to contact them.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today