Coordinated wage settlement

wage Trade union Fellesforbundet wagesJørn Eggum, Photo: Fellesforbundet

Union warns about fight regarding coordinated wage settlement

One of the biggest Trade unions – Fellesforbundet – wants individual wage settlements this year, but several other federations fights for coordinated settlements.


The biggest Trade Union in the private sector, Fellesforbundet, confirms Tuesday that it wants individual settlements.

-Given what was at stake in this year’s settlement, I had hoped that the Union had landed on the same conclusion as us, says, Leader of the of Trade and Office Union (Handel og Kontor), Trine Lise Sundnes, to NTB.

She emphasizes that she respects the conclusion of the Unione, but at the same time warns of a continued fight  for a settlement encompassing all trade unions.

– In Trade and Office we are working according to the roadmap given to us. We continue to work for a coordinated settlement with, says Sundnes.

Trade and Office is LO’s third largest union with more than 70,000 members.

Continues the job

The EL and IT Union are among the LO federations who have announced that they are for a coordinated settlement. The struggle to achieve this will continue, reports  leader of the union, Jan Olav Andersen.

– We respect the fact that the unions have different inputs and priorities. LO will eventually land with a common position, so we will continue the work for our priorities, he says to NTB.

The LO federations who do not want a joint settlement, justify it with the need for a common front in the inflamed question regarding retirement.

– Given that both AFP and pensions are at stake, we do not think it is appropriate for a disjointed settlement, especially because both of these issues are of national interest, Sundnes says.

She emphasizes that it is the Supervisory Board of the umbrella organization (LO) that ultimately decides which settlement form that will be. That will take place on February 27.

Requirements of credibility

When Fellesforbundet wishes for individuall settlements, that will be the outcome as history shows us.

That the Board reached this conclusion on Tuesday is due to the last of the Union’s three main requirements, namely for a serious work life, explains Leader Jørn Eggum.

– Pension and purchasing power could be combined in a coordinated settlement, but not the requirements related to travel, boarding and lodging, he tells NTB

– When we made those requirements equally important, the question was which form of settlement would make it easiest for us.

-In solidarity with the 20,000 construction workers and 30,000 industrial workers we landed on union wise settlements, he argues.

The Trade Union’s demands are linked to the need to clarify the provisions regarding how to regulate food, travel and lodging, according to the union leader.


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