Five elk hit by cars across the country

Moose Elk TrafficElk (Moose) .Photo: Gorm Kallestad / Scanpix

Five elk hit by cars across the country

Several places in the country elk has entered into traffic. A total of five elk have been hit in Trøndelag, Buskerud and Troms in the last 24 hours. When the snow is deep, it is quite common that the animals seek down to roads and even residential areas.


Saturday afternoon, the police in Trøndelag received several reports about elk in residential areas of Ranheim and Jakobsli. Additionally, an elk was hit by car Skovgård, but ran away. The nature department was therefore notified of the incident.

– The car driver got his windshield destroyed, but is otherwise unhurt. The animal was injured in the foot and had to be put down, says operations manager in the police, Viola Elverum, to NTB.

She says the elk that was involved, probably is the same animal that was observed at Ranheim.

– We have no reason to believe there is more danger of elk on the E6 now than it has been. The witnesses observations actually indicate that the elk was on its way towards the woods, but then got astray, Elverum says.

In Troms there havs also been several unfortunate meetings between the king of the forest and traffic. Three elk were involved in accidents late on Friday. That occurred at Bardufoss, in Lavangsdalen and at Futrikelv. None of the animals nor persons were injured in the incidents, reports Troms police district.

On state road 7 in Buskerud, another elk was hit by a car night before Saturday. No injury to people has been reported.

At Lillehammer an elk ran around in the city on Saturday morning, but the animal probably found its way back to the wilderness by itself.


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