Four out of ten Norwegians were in hospital in 2017

Haukeland University Hospital DjabrailHaukeland University Hospital. Photo: Haukeland University Hospital

Almost 2 million Norwegians received hospital treatment for illnesses, injuries, and complaints in 2017. Of these,just over half a million stayed in overnight, according to Statistics Norway (SSB).


The total number is approximately the same as in 2016.Of the 1,951,522 who were treated, 1,053,455 were women and 898,067 were men. More than 80,000 women received treatment related to pregnancy and childbirth.

“Several people often associate a hospital visit with an overnight patient, but many were also in for outpatient care or day care,” said Senior Advisor, Geir Hjemås at the Department of Health to Statistics Norway (SSB).


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