Skepticism towards immigrants and refugees


Survey shows large scale skepticism towards immigrants and refugees

According to a survey by the Norwegian Foreign Policy Institute (NUPI),every fourth Norwegian believes that refugees and immigrants constitute a major threat to Norway.


Around 44% of respondents said that these two groups pose a major threat to Norway, reported NRK news.
‘Many people are worried about terrorism and the Islamic State terrorist organisation, IS. This is something we find in many other European countries.

I think many voters also have trouble distinguishing between refugees and immigrants who come to Norway, and terrorism and IS,’ said NUPI Director, Ulf Sverdrup.

Every fourth Norwegian believes that the security threat to Norway is high,and of these, most of them fear cyber attacks or terrorism.

Socialists are less skeptical to immigrants, but fear nationalism

It’s among Fremskrittsparti (Frp) voters that the fear of immigrants and refugees is the greatest. 82% of the party’s voters believe the threat is high or very high. Also, among Høyre (H) and and Senterparti (Sp) voters, fear is high, respectively 48 an 47%, while among Arbeiderpartiet (Ap) voters, the number was 35%.

People who vote Rødt or Socialistisk Venstreparti (SV) are the least sceptical.

Only 14% of these parties’ voters believe that the threat is high or very high. These voters believe that nationalism in Europe, and the USA, is a major threat.


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