Frp will deny benefits to refugees who move to Oslo

Mazyar Keshvari Sandberg travel expensesMazyar Keshvari (Progress Party). Photo. Progress Party

Fremskrittspartiet (Frp) politicians seek to deny benefits to unemployed refugees who move to Oslo

Refugees without jobs, or housing, shouldn’t receive government housing and unemployment benefits if they move to Oslo, said the head of Oslo Frp, Mazyar Keshvari.


After settlement in Norway, one out of every four refugees choose to move to Oslo, show figures from Statistics Norway covering the past ten years. It’s a trend Frp’s Keshvari wants to turn around.

‘It’s neither desirable, nor logical, that people who move to Norway should settle in the most expensive place in the whole country, and expect taxpayers to finance it when we know that the costs are lower outside the capital, and not least, the possibilities of becoming socially integrated are higher when the concentration of immigrants is lower’, said Keshvari to TV 2.

He said that Oslo Frp will come up with a concrete proposal for a change of regulation this autumn.

The Arbeidspartiet (Labour Party – AP) politician, Jan Bøhler, agrees that immigration to the capital should be limited.

‘I am concerned that most people should be living around the country as a whole, not just gathering in some districts of Oslo. So if the proposal is real, then it’s clear that I’d like to look at it’, Bøhler told TV 2.


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