New age limit for moped cars

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16-year-olds can obtain a driver’s license for moped cars

The Age limit for driving moped cars is brought down from eighteen to sixteen years old in Norway. Even though it is a cold summer thus far, Norway Today throws the rules for watercraft in – as a bonus.

“More youngsters should be given the opportunity to drive a moped car. A moped car can be a very good alternative to a two-wheeler. Access to such vehicles makes it possible for 16-year-olds to acquire expertise, which is handy when they later wish to obtain a driving license for a regular car.”

This is stated by Norwegian Minister of Transport and Communications, Jon Georg Dale (Progress Party), in connection with the age limit being lowered from eighteen to sixteen years for a driver’s license for moped cars.

“At the same time, it is important that we ensure that youngsters can drive these vehicles safely. The Government, therefore, adapt the requirements in order to be suitable for the relevant age group,” Dale elaborates.

The decision follows up the consultation of the Directorate of Public Roads from December 2018. The amendment will be implemented by the Public Roads Administration in August, 2019. Thus, lighten the burden of embarking on another school year.



Regulations on the use of watercraft

There are strict regulations on the use of watercraft (scooters) in Norway. These include caution, driver’s license and life-vest.

Driving a watercraft is basically regulated by the general rules on vessels. Regulations on caution, distance to bathers and speed regulations on the water apply to drivers of watercraft, are, by and large, the same as for drivers of other types of vessel. In addition, several municipalities have introduced local regulations that regulate the use of watercraft in their own waters.

The following rules apply for all watercraft drivers

  • The driver of watercraft should exercise caution and adjust speed according to conditions
  • Watercraft that passes within a distance of 50 metres from places where bathing is in progress, should not exceed 5 knots (~10 km/h).
  • All watercraft users must wear a life-vest
  • If the watercraft has more than 10 hp, the driver must be 16 years old
  • If the watercraft has more than 25 hp, drivers born January 1st, 1980 – or later – must possess a boat driver’s certificate.
  • Municipalities can regulate the use of water scooters especially if it is necessary for reasons of safe traffic, proper management of the waters, safeguarding the environment or outdoor life. In addition, some national parks, landscaping areas and similar local rules apply to the use of watercraft.
  • In the Parliamentary report ‘Cooperation for better marine safety’ – Report no. 30 (2018-2019), it appears that the Government considers whether a speedboat certificate shall be required for drivers of vessels exceeding 50 knots.

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