Marked increase in travels to «the Sun»

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Sharp increase in travels to «the Sun» and heat

Last year’s tropical summer made many Norwegians hold back on the booking of summer holidays to warmer regions this year. Cool and unstable weather now paves the way for a Norwegian exodus towards «the Sun».


The travel giant TUI reports a 34 per cent growth in holiday bookings for the whole of Norway in July. The increase applies to all regional airports in Norway, but it is in particular North-Norwegians who stand out above the crowd as those with the greatest desire to head south at the moment.

“There is no doubt that many Norwegians have abandoned the hope of yet another tropical summer in Norway. Extraordinarily many Norwegians wish to secure themselves a place under the sun. This trend applies to the whole of Norway. TUI notes that the price tag is the driving force behind the choice of destination,” Communications Manager of TUI, Nora Aspengren, informs.

Last-minute tickets

Aspegren highlights that Last-minute tickets are searched for the most – ie departure within the next six weeks. Compared with the same period last year, it is Bulgaria and Turkey that stand out as destinations which Norwegians want to visit.

TUI also reports growth of as much as 192 per cent in the number of holiday bookings from Tromsø, 86 per cent from Haugesund and 81 per cent from Bodø.

Earlier this week, Ving also noticed the same trend. The first two days of July, the Scandinavian travel operator sold 80 per cent more trips than at the same time last year.

“Yes, these are hectic days in the industry. It is clear that many latecomers now order travels in order to be guaranteed some sun and heat during the summer holidays,” Information Manager of Ving, Siri Røhr-Staff, explains.


Autumn and winter

It is, however, not only summer trips that sell like hotcakes, travels during the autumn and winter are also in high demand, according to Ving.

“Winter sales are actually doing even better, up 90 per cent over the past two days. I think that these customers are the ones who will spend their holidays in Norway this summer, but want to secure a trip to warmer destinations later,” Røhr-Staff speculates.

There are still vacancies in July at Ving, but the choice is about to be seriously thinned out.

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