Norwegians blow up to 1 billion kroner on Christmas calendars

NTB scanpixAdvent Calendar.Photo:NTB scanpix.Vidat Ruud

On average, Norwegians plan to spend 461 kroner counting down to Christmas Eve on advent calendars this year.Christmas calendars have become big business and new variants constantly emerge.


Norwegian people will spend almost NOK 1 billion on Christmas calendars this year according to a survey Ipsos has done for DNB bank.

“It’s quite a lot. Think of so much else you could get for that money”said DNB’s consumer economist, Silje Sandmæl,to NTB news.

“It shows that many people have good finances in Norway,which we also see from the Christmas gifts,which only increase and increase”said Sandmæl in a tone worthy of Ebenezer Scrooge.

The survey showed that each and every one of us plans to spend 461 kroner on the Christmas calendar on average,while the families with children plan to spend 552 kroner per calendar.Those who have children between the ages of 6-14 use the most money.

The amount is 57 kroner less compared to last year, but Sandmæl does not think that means people are reducing spending on Christmas calendars.

“There are still new advent calendars on the market, so I have no belief that this has calmed down” said Sandmæl.


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