Ikea to cut 7,500 jobs

Ikea at SlependenIkea at Slependen.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The furniture giant, Ikea, warned that 7,500 posts may disappear.But the regrouping may also create 11,500 new jobs.


“Over the next three years we will create a new Ikea.This implies changes both towards the customer and internally in the business” said Clare Rodgers,CEO of Ikea Norway in a press release.

The furniture giant is in the process of introducing a three-year program which, according to Ikea’s own estimates,will create 11,500 new jobs globally,while
around 7,500 existing positions could be removed.

Ikea announced to the Swedish news agency,TT,that 650 posts are likely to be cut in Sweden.

In Norway,Ikea will create approximately 100 new positions,while around 20 of the existing 3,150 posts could be removed.In addition,some of the current positions could be changed or moved.

Ikea emphasised that the goal is not to cut costs.According to Rodgers,it is instead about reorganisation to ensure that Ikea remains relevant in future.

She promised that the employees will be involved in the implementation of the program.

“We would like to have good discussions with safety and union representatives on the further process.It will be the most important focus for us in the next few
weeks” said Rodgers.


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