Online abuse tips has doubled in one year

The number of online sex abuse tips has doubled

The number of online sex abuse tips that the Serious Crime Unit of the Norwegian Police  (Kripos) receives, has more than doubled over the year – from 5,300 last year to about 12,000 this year.


That emerged when the Norwegian Research Institute of Welfare NOVA launched its report on network abuse against children at Oslo Met on Thursday.

The report describes the online abuse phenomena based on literature review and research on online abuse in Norway.

The Institute’s research shows that there is a large increase in the number of tips reported to Kripos on criminal offences related to sexual activity in Norway. Illegal pictures and movies make up two-thirds of the tips.

Penalties on chatting between children and adults and then make-up one-third of the tips. It is mainly men who commit cybercrime, regardless of age.

The findings show that the police in Norway experienced an increase in the number of online infringement cases. The content of these cases is getting grosser, reveals the report.


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