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Pink Fish: Salmon heaven in Oslo

Geir Skeie Pink FishGeir Skeie at 'Pink Fish' .Photo:


Geir Skeie’s Oslo eatery, ‘Pink fish’  is now open for business

The world renowned chef’s brand new concept: ‘Pink Fish’ is all about Norwegian salmon. The casual restaurant is located at the Food Court at the Steen & Strøm department store in the city centre of Oslo.


Norwegian salmon is the star at Pink Fish, where they offers a menu containing burgers, hot pots, salads and wraps featuring flavours from all over the world, but with one thing in common; Norwegian salmon. The restaurant even offer bagels and waffles(!) containing salmon as a breakfast. They do also naturally also offer a vegetarian dish if you are so inclined, namely: ‘chickpea burgers’.

Geir Skeie, who was the winner of the unofficial world championships for chef’s the ‘Bocuse d’Or’ in 2009,  is a manager, entrepreneur and partner of this restaurant concept. Geir wants to show that classic dishes from all corners of the world can be re-invented using Norwegian salmon as the core ingredient.

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