Signboard in Stavanger makes people laugh

Signboard torgterassen rassenIn the autumn darkness, the asshole is clearly visible in Stavanger, if it is allowed to put it like that. Photo: Reader /

Signboard in Stavanger makes people laugh

In the middle of the town square in Stavanger, you will usually find Torgterassen. Due to problems, the signboard now spells «rassen» (the asshole) to the amusement of the locals.



The Manager of the Shopping mall has a hearty laugh due to the somewhat embarrassing advertisement.

– Hah hah hah, does it spell «rassen» now?

The Manager of Torgterrassen, Elisabeth Schibevaag, soon figures the direction the interview is heading when Byas calls and starts talking about the signboard on the roof of the shopping centre.

– But, rest assured, we have not gone through a (shitty) name change, Schibevaag assures.

Byas was sent a picture of one of the signboards at Torgterrassen by one of its readers. Several of the LED lights have failed, resulting in «rassen».

– We have experienced several challenges related to those signboards. They are exposed to weather, wind and birds. We regularly have to get onto the roof to perform maintenance, according to Schibevaag.

She tells Byas that the signboards were installed some seven years ago. Presently, work is in progress to obtain funds to replace them.

– We must continue the maintenance for the time being, but it’s just fine that people have a hearty laugh at our expense, the Manager laughingly concludes.

A hearty laugh is, after all, supposed to prolong life.


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