Summer all over Western Norway

Sky, heat record May Summer WeatherSummer. Photo: Norway Today Media

Summer all over Western Norway

It was a summer day with over 20 degrees centigrade in all towns and counties in western Norway and in Trøndelag on Monday.


– It’s only to congratulate people in Western and Central Norway with the weather. This warm weather over such big areas is very rare this time of year, says meteorologist Vibeke Thyness to NTB.

Absolutely all towns and counties in Western Norway and Trøndelag bypassed 20 degrees with a margin on Monday. The balmiest it was in Valldal, Møre og Romsdal, with a comfortable 23.8 degrees.

– We’ve even registered 20 degrees in places all along the coast like Fedje and Stadlandet, which is rare even in summer, Thyness points out.

Close to tropical night

The hot day followed a warm night all over Norway where there were some places experienced close to a tropical night in some places. Tafjord in Norddal in Sunnmøre was just a little shy of reaching 20 degrees night to Monday. Several other places in the of Northwest Norway were in the same vicinity, including Ullensvang, Lærdalsøyri and Førde, all flagging above 18 degrees through the night, the overview from Yr shows. There were also no stations in Norway showing frost during the night.

– It is a bit unusual that there is no frost meassured anywhere on September 25, even at the highest measuring station at Juvvasshøe in Jotunheimen. That is located at 1,894 meters, says state meteorologist John Smiths to NRK.

Nice weather for the rest of the week

It is a favourable combination of high pressure over Finland, relatively mild air throughout the country and solar radiation that has led to summer in late September. The nice weather seems to hold throughout the week, and from the Sognefjord and north to Trøndelag also during the weekend, although temperatures will probably drop somewhat.

– But further south west, it looks like the party is over before the week end,  Thyness is sorry to say .While the weather is nicer than normal in western, central and also large tracts of northern Norway, eastern Norway is not allowed to partake in the fun. Gray and dreary weather characterizes the areas east of the central mountain range.

– In principle, there is a high pressure there as well, but they are on the wrong side of the buttered side, therefore they are left with the moisture that is held back by the mountains, explains Thyness.


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