Another attempt to push the Brexit talks forwards

European Union chief Brexit negotiator Michel BarnierEuropean Union chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.(AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)

Renewed attempt to push the Brexit talks forwards

The EU and the UK are hoping for real progress in a new round of Brexit negotiations in Brussels.


It was the fourth round of formal negotiations that started in the EU capital on Monday afternoon.

The round of negotiations begins after Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May last week brought important new signals about Brexit in a speech in Florence.

Monday morning, ministers from the 27 remaining EU member states were gathered in Brussels. There they were updated by EU bosses Michel Barnier.

“I’m cautiously optimistic,” said Denmark’s foreign minister Anders Samuelsen on his way to the meeting.

He believes there are now “signs of movement” in the negotiations that the parties need to build on.

In the speech in Florence, May announced that she wants a transitional period of about two years after Brexit. During the transitional period, EU rules will continue to apply in the UK.

She also said that the UK will continue to contribute to the EU’s budgets until 2020.

Sweden’s EU minister Ann Linde welcomes the new signals.

“Theresa May’s speech was a step in the right direction in our eyes,” said Linde.

“It shows that Britain is prepared to start putting more concrete proposals on the table. That’s positive, she said.


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