Top language hacks: How to learn Norwegian

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Wondering how to learn Norwegian like a pro?

As a newcomer to Norway, you’ll find that you can survive without learning Norwegian. But why would you settle on that?

By learning the local language, you’ll begin to discover Norway in a whole new way, you will expand your job opportunities, and you will fully immerse yourself into the Norwegian culture.

If you’ve already embarked on your learning Norwegian journey, the following sentiment might hit close to home: “I learn and practice every day, but I still can’t understand a thing Norwegians are saying…”

One of the main challenges of learning Norwegian has always been understanding the locals and differentiating their dialects. However, Speak Norsk students seem to manage this task with ease, learning to express themselves naturally in a short period of time.

How do they accomplish that? Through expert advice and a series of unique courses arranged by the school’s experienced teachers that guarantee fast progress and real results.

Top 4 tips for learning Norwegian from the expert teachers at Speak Norsk

1. Speak Norwegian anytime, anywhere – even if you make mistakes!

Challenge yourself to think in the new language.

Speak Norsk
Photo: Courtesy of Speak Norsk

Practice makes perfect, and learning through mistakes will make your speech clearer and your vocabulary wider.

Whenever you have the opportunity, try switching from English to Norwegian and let Norwegians correct you. This way, you will learn the proper way and next time will avoid the same mistakes.

Need more motivation? Watch this inspirational video with one of Speak Norsk’s teachers.

2. Join Speak Norsk’s intensive classroom-based courses – with a focus on conversation!

Speak Norsk
Photo: Courtesy of Speak Norsk

Learning by yourself and committing to a plan is an option, but there is nothing like an experienced teacher’s guidance, a class atmosphere, and colleagues to motivate and inspire you.

With Speak Norsk Norwegian courses, you will get the structured learning environment you need – and you’ll be delighted when you see yourself reaching your goals.

Why are classroom-based courses especially awesome? Here’s what they offer:

  • An intimate and welcoming environment where you can freely make mistakes and be corrected on the spot. This is vital for developing your skills in Norwegian.
  • The opportunity to speak your mind. Talk, talk, and and then talk some more in Norwegian. Speaking in the classroom setting is so important!
  • Gaining greater understanding, stories, and real-world examples from teachers and other students.
  • Structured study plans and clear learning goals to make your progression easier.
  • Personalized feedback from teachers both in class and offline.
  • Fresh and up-to-date materials, relevant for everyone, but especially newcomers in Norway.
  • The opportunity to connect with and network among other students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Extra tip: If you are new to Norwegian, opt for the Viking Offer for Beginners (A1-B2) – an all-inclusive, classroom-based Norwegian course package (covering grammar, conversation, listening, reading, and writing) that will take you from 0 to fluent in a short period of time.

Is this right for you? Check out the benefits:

  • Pay carefree in installments (from NOK 2999 per month).
  • Enjoy flexibility in scheduling and your starting date (with free postponement and rescheduling).
  • Don’t worry about books – they’re included in the price.
  • Course repetition is also available!

For those outside of Norway, Speak Norsk offers Viking Offer for Beginners (A0-B2) in the online format.

Speak Norsk
Photo: Courtesy of Speak Norsk

3. Incorporate Norwegian in your daily life… And on your social media!

From listening to the radio and watching movies in Norwegian, to reading short Norwegian stories and switching your Facebook to the Norwegian language – everything makes a difference!

This could seem a little difficult at first, but it doesn’t require much effort to implement – and it will get easier with time. Small changes in your daily life like this are a practical way to learn new words and expressions.

Make sure to follow educational pages on social platforms to get daily insights on Norwegian vocabulary and expressions.

For example:

Speak Norsk
Photo: Courtesy of Speak Norsk

4. Have fun while you learn!

If you enjoy doing something, it doesn’t feel like work. In fact, you’ll cherish the language learning process if the environment is fun.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. If you enjoy cooking, try reading recipes in Norwegian. If you like skiing, grab your work buddies and interact with them in Norwegian while doing something you enjoy. Even binging Netflix can help you learn – as long as you use Norwegian subtitles!

There are many ways you can incorporate fun into learning Norwegian – you just have to find hobbies you love and take it from there.

Speak Norsk
Photo: Courtesy of Speak Norsk

For more information on Speak Norsk’s intensive, classroom-based courses, visit their official website.

Teacher and course review

Don’t just take it from us though – take it from the countless students delighted with Speak Norsk. One teacher and course evaluation from Speak Norsk’s Google reviews reads:

“Jeg skal skrive det på engelsk så hivs du er ny i Norge og lurer på hvor skal du lære norsk, denne teksten vil kanskje hjelpe deg å bestemme deg. [I will write it in English so if you are new to Norway and wondering where to learn Norwegian, this text may help you decide.]

I came to Norway two years ago and although tried hard to learn Norwegian and also went to a course, it didn’t help and I still wasn’t confident enough to say even simple phrases. I started my course at Speak Norsk about 3 weeks ago and gush after 3 weeks of A2 grammar and conversation course I started talking to people like I know this language since long time ago. She’s very committed and knows exactly how to teach Norsk as the second language to students. She also always has fun ideas to help us improve our language skills.

Long story short, read Norwegian books, listen to Norwegian podcasts, watch Norwegian series, don’t give up, and Go to Speak Norsk. Seriously, you will feel the difference.

Pa, I think the main reason that Speak Norsk is successful is that their main goal is not the money. It’s helping people who are struggling with Norsk. That’s my impression, it might be different for others. :)”

This post has been published in collaboration with Speak Norsk.

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