Two new sparrows spotted in Norway for the first time

WarblerPhoto/Illustration: Ray Hennessy / Unsplash

In September, two North American sparrows were registered in Norway for the first time.

The identification of a Cape May warbler attracted international attention. 

According to the Norwegian Ornithological Society, the species is very rare in Europe and has only been registered here three times before.

“It must definitely be one of the most intense ‘I’m dreaming, pinch me’ experiences I ever had,” Bjørn Mo, who made the discovery, wrote on the association’s website.

A black-and-white warbler

On the same day – Wednesday, September 23 – a black-and-white warbler was also identified and photographed in Grødalandskogen in Hå på Jæren.

The black-and-white warbler is a widespread bird in North America, and it usually spends the winter in the south-central and northern parts of South America. 

However, it is a rare species in Europe. A total of 15 discoveries have been made in the UK up to and including 2019.

The Cape May warbler nests in forests in the northern United States and Canada, and usually spends the winter in the Caribbean and Central America. 

It is strongly associated with spruce forest and spruce trees.

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