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160 lose their job at Halliburton in Norway

160 lose their job at Halliburton in NorwayWorker. Photo Anne Lise NorheimWorker

Up to 260 people will either be fired or laid off by the oil services company Halliburton in 2016.
160 people will lose their jobs, while 100 people are laid off, writes Of those who are dismissed, over 100 are working offshore.
The number of people being laid off can be changed either by some of the people being laid off getting back to work, or by people being laid off losing their jobs permanently.
In February last year  Halliburton gave notice that they planned to cut 6,400 jobs. In late February,  5,000 more jobs were to be cut as a result of  the oil price collapse.
Halliburton has cut a total of 27,000 jobs since 2014, when the company’s workforce was at its greatest level.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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