Halliburton cuts 5,000 jobs

Halliburton North HoustonHalliburton North Houston. Photo Wikimedia commons

The US oil giant Halliburton cuts 5,000 jobs worldwide due to the falling oil prices .
– Due to the current market conditions Halliburton will further reduce the workforce worldwide by approximately eighty percent or around 5,000 jobs, the company said in an email to AFP.
With the new cuts the company has cut a total of 27,000 jobs since 2014, when the company’s workforce was at its greatest level.
– We are sorry to have to make this decision, but unfortunately we are faced with the harsh reality that cuts are necessary to get through this difficult market situation, the company said.
Halliburton has a large number of employees in Norway and has previously cut more jobs in this country.
Knut Neslandskyrkja, steward of Halliburton Norway, told E24 that he only recently was told about the cuts, but he does not believe it will have any major impact here:
– I do not think this will have direct consequences here in Norway. We have had staff reductions on the agenda for a long time, and that we are now notified of  a further 5,000 cuts in Houston will not make much of a difference to the operations here, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today