40 Ringnes employees in Trondheim to lose jobs

BeerBeer. Photo: Norway Today Media

40 employees at Ringnes in Trondheim were told on Wednesday that the warehouse is being moved, and that their workplace will be gone.

The warehouse is located on E.C. Dahls plot in Trondheim, where beer and soda were previously produced. The 40 permanent employees at the warehouse deal with drinks for packing and shipping to retail outlets in Trøndelag and Northern Norway wrote Adresseavisen newspaper.

‘’Today, we have informed our employees at Ringnes in Trondheim that the management of the company have recommended that the board move the warehouse to Ringnes’ main facility at Gjelleråsen in Nittedal’’ said communications manager, Nicolay Bruusgaard.

‘’ There was a powerlessness. It was a very unusual atmosphere’’ said the chief official, Lars Fiksdal, after the mass meeting.

He said the employees had felt that the workplace had been in danger for several years.

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