Jonas Gahr Støre fined for traffic offenses

Labour leader Jonas Gahr Støre May vocationalLabor leader Jonas Gahr Støre Photo:

Arbeiderparti (Ap) leader, Jonas Gahr Støre typed on his mobile phone behind the wheel and later asked an advisor to drive towards the driving direction. Now he has received NOK 9,000 in fines.

This was confirmed by Støre’s advisor, Siri Storstein Hytten to TV 2 news. The case was finally investigated by the police in March. The NOK 9,000 fine was for violations of the use of handheld mobile phones and participation in violations of the traffic sign regulations.

Støre confirmed that he has been punished for breaking the traffic rules – with NRK on board in the car. The offenses were captured on film by NRK’s documentary team who were with the Ap leader in connection with the coverage of Kristelig Folkeparti’s (KrF’s) policy choices.

‘’I was notified after NRK filmed last autumn that I broke the traffic rules. The case has now been processed and ended up with a fine. It’s just right and reasonable that I get a fine after violating the traffic rules, and I have accepted the submission’’ wrote Støre in a text message to TV 2.

One aspect is the use of a handheld mobile phone.

Støre tapped it while he was driving a car in Hallingdal and fiddled with his mobile when he started and ended a conversation. The conversation was taken on the speaker.

Four days later he sat in the car with his advisor,
Siri Storstein Hytten, while she was driving out of Oslo city center. Larger ba The cab broke rules on mandatory driving directions and drove where signs said it was prohibited.

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