45,000 Norwegians are asked to block their credit cards

credit card Strip Club Payment card dnbPayment cards. Photo: pixabay.com

The card companies asking 45,000 Norwegians to block bank cards for use in a foreign shop. The recommendation comes after a major fraud case is rampant.

– There is talk of fraud for millions, so it is a very comprehensive case, says communications manager Stein-Arne Tjore from Nets to NRK news.

The company is a supplier of digital payment services in the Nordic region and has made a major analysis job in recent days after it became known last week that several Norwegians may be susceptible to fraud.

The cards that have received blocking recommendation are used in the same foreign online store. Nets do not want to specify webstore terms.

– We are not allowed to explain more because it is not our role to investigate what may have happened.

In such cases, we just inform the international card companies, so they can make appropriate inquiries into the matter, saying Tjore.

According to Nets, in most cases the cards have not been misused but the recommendation is considered as a preventive measure.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today