DNB will block 3,000 accounts holding approximately one billion kroner

DNB services stress testDNB logo. Photo Norway Today Media.

About 3,000 of DNB’s corporate customers may have their accounts blocked this year due to lack of reporting.


According to Dagens Næringsliv, this accounts for more than one billion kroner in the accounts that have been examined as part of the bank’s efforts to combat money laundering.
Out of 100,000 reviewed accounts, it will appear that 3,000 of them will be blocked during the upcoming year.
The Money Laundering Act requires the banks to know who the customer is, the persons behind the company and who is entitled to the funds. If the information is inadequate or outdated, the customer will be contacted.
– You will notice quite quickly if something is amiss when we ask for new information. We can hear if they are worried or not when they speak.
If we think things are strange, we will look into transactions, and then we may find transfers that will make us pass the matter on, says project worker Cathy Tran.
The act requires the bank to block the accounts if they do not receive updated information.
“This system will capture financial transactions that are linked to human trafficking, serious drug crimes, economic crime and terrorist financing,” says Sven Arild Damslora, Head of Department at Økokrim.
Executive Vice President of Corporate Markets in DNB, Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer, emphasizes that they do not want to block accounts.
“We have been desperately trying to get hold of the people behind the companies that own the accounts we need to block. If things fall into place, we will of course like to keep them as customers, says Fasmer.

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