70 must go after steelworks bankruptcy in Jørpeland

Steel smelting plant in Mo i RanaSteel smelting plant in Mo i Rana.Photo: NTB scanpic

A Steel Plant in Jørpeland in Rogaland is in bankruptcy and 70 people’s contracts are being terminated.

– We have had challenges, yet we had faith in the coming of the goal. Unfortunately, we came to a point where the elastic could be stretched no further, says director Egil Josefsen to the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad.

After the bankruptcy of Scana Steel in March 2015, eventually the local Federation department invested some money, in a joint effort to save the steelworks and the bulk of the 115 jobs which then disappeared.
Steelworks re-emerged as Norwegian Material Center of Expertise, known as Nomac.
FriFagbevegelse writes that it had now run out of money again, and that the Board took the final decision on Tuesday night.
The reason for bankruptcy is complex, according to the current leadership. But old premises pointed out one of the reasons.
– During spring would have been better times, but we must have the finances in place. When we do not have the back to carry the bank’s claim, there was only one thing to do, says Josefsen.
Steward Trond Idar Idsø said to the newspaper that the employees have not given up hope, but the businessman Hogne Mountain Anger, who saved the steelworks the last time, says he has acted.
– We could not. I made an effort, and I’m not going to try again, he said.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today