800,000 Norwegians may have to pay arrears

tax reportSkattemelding.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

The tax report is ready. 2.9 million Norwegians are likely get money back, while 800,000 probably have to pay arrears.

This was shown in a preliminary tax calculation from the tax authorities.

Those who’ll get money back will receive an average of NOK 11,800. The 800,000 who have to pay arrears must, on average, pay NOK 25,900.

The amounts are preliminary calculations. It is only when you get the tax settlement that you’ll receive the final tax calculation pointed out the tax authorities.

The tax settlement will be cleared between June and

In total, Norwegians have over NOK 33.7 billion in tax benefits. For the time being, estimated residual tax is NOK 20.6 billion.

Tax director, Hans Christian Holte, said it is important that everyone checks the tax return themselves. Although they’ve been completed, there may be information that does not include additions and deductions that one could miss.

‘’The Tax Administration don’t know everything about you, and it is you who know your finances best. We receive more and more information about you, but you are responsible for providing complete information that is the basis for calculating your tax’’ Holte said.

The deadline for submitting the tax return is the 30th of April for employees and pensioners, and the 31st of May for businesses.

‘’If all the information in the tax report is correct and everything is included, then you do not have to deliver information’’ Holte said.

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