Alfa shoe fight finally before the court

Disputed shoe AlfaDisputed shoe Photo: Alfa

Shoe fight between Norrøna and Alfa finally before the court

Norrøna thinks that Alfa mimics their expressions and demands 20 million kroner from the shoe manufacturer. The case was postponed in May, but on Wednesday it will finally start in the Oslo District Court.


The battle is about Alfa’s relaunch of their Norwegian Norrøna collection. Now the shoes are issued in timely signal colors, modern design and with the inscription “Norrøna” across the outside of the shoes, quite similar to the visual expression Norrøna has used in the last few years.

As such, Alfa seems to have the grace of the Irish, if it was not for the fact that the traditional shoe manufacturer registered the “Norröna” trademark in 1908 – 21 years before the clothing manufacturer Norrøna Sport emerged on the marked.

At present Norrøna are asking for NOK 20 million in compensation and that the Alfa collection is removed from sale in its current form. The competitor has answered in turn. Both claims will be dealt with during same proceedings. It all starts in the Oslo District Court on Wednesday. Three days are set aside for the proceedings.

Countermanding the claim

Alfa has, however, an ace up their sleeve: a written statement with Norrøna dating from 1996 when Norrøna Sport, according to the white paper, undertakes never to contest Alfa’s right to use the trademark ‘Norrøna’ on shoes, boots, slippers, skis or ski poles, to name but a few. Norrøna disputes Alfa’s claim  that the agreement entails eternal right to use the trademark “Norrøna” globally.

Alfa also demands money from the counterpart, but unlike Norrøna, Alfa are satisfied with “an amount according to the court’s discretion”.

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About Alfa (from their website)

Alfa has always had the goal of developing shoes that are best in their class. Our products will help improve trip experiences through a unique combination of quality and comfort. With our innovative approach, we combine modern technology and materials in a way that challenge existing standards.


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