Former employee convicted of beer theft

BeerBeer.Photo: Norway Today Media

Former employee convicted of beer theft from Fjord Line

A former Fjord Line employee has been sentenced to 21 days in prison after he was caught in the act of stealing beer from the customs warehouse of his employer.


The man acknowledged culpability of beer theft for between NOK 90,000 and 100,000, Sandefjord Blad writes. In court, police prosecutor An Eline Rimstad made a claim for 90 days imprisonment, of which 60 days conditional.

Possible to atone during a vacation

– The court is of the opinion that the unconditional part of the sentence should be set at 21 days, allowing it to be atoned during a vacation, the verdict states.

The court sentenced the man to 90 days imprisonment, where 69 days were made conditional, with a probationary period of two years. He was also sentenced to pay close to NOK 70,000 in compensation for Fjord Line, which was the line with the prosecution’s claim.

When another employee was in the warehouse in Sandefjord in December 2015, he saw the man in the process of stealing beer. According to the accusation in Sandefjord district court he should have taken 198 boxes with 24 cans of beer in each box, constituting just under 5,000 cans.

The mans defender, lawyer Truls Arne Skjerve, asked that the court should give the defendant a conditional sentence, where one of the conditions was repayment of the value of the stolen beer.


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