Chinese minister comes to Norway to discuss Norwegian seafood exports to China

SeafoodSeafood.Photo: Berit Roald / SCANPIX

At the end of May, China’s Customs and Veterinary Minister will visit Norway.

Market access to China for Norwegian seafood will be an important topic during the visit.

The Chinese Minister, Ni Yuefeng, will meet both Fisheries Minister, Harald T. Nesvik of Fremskrittsparti (FRP) and Minister of Agriculture and Food, Olaug Bollestad of Kristelig Folkeparti (KrF).

The Minister will also meet with the Directors of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Customs Directorate, and then the Chinese delegation, together with the Minister of Fisheries, will travel to Austevoll.

During the visit, the delegation will gain an insight into Norwegian aquaculture management and seafood production.

China is our largest growth market in the first quarter of 2019. So far this year, we exported seafood to China for NOK 1.3 billion, up 41% from the same period last year.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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