Farm Ice Cream awarded prize

Farm Ice cream Innovation NorwayThe Klufterud family wins a prize for its Farm Ice Cream. Photo: Innovation Norway

Gårdsis (Farm Ice Cream) awarded prize

Bamsrudlåven AS today received the Enterprise Development Prize for agriculture for Østfold. They won the prize for their ice cream made from fresh local produce, using milk from the neighbours farm and eggs from their own hens.


This year’s winner has built a solid foundation for many years. The company has shown a unique ability to renew and develop its offer in line with the market, and the current generation continues this in an excellent manner. They fully utilize the raw materials and have largely invested in young and local labour. – The company is a great ambassador for an innovative and sustainable agriculture. They have shown that “an ordinary Østfold farm” can have a unique potential, says Per Annar Lilleng, Local Manager of Innovation Norway

Production of eggs and love leads to award winning ice cream

Based on the farm’s own resources, the Klufterud family has built up a sustainable and profitable business with many local youth on their payroll.

The family has run banqueting facilities in their barn ever since 1997, but has constantly renewed and developed the business in line with the market. Presently it is the farm’s ice cream that is in the limelight of the versatile farm.

Egg production and love were the factors for the short traveled ice cream. There has been egg production at Bamsrud Farm for over 30 years, but when the eldest daughter in the family hooked up with the son from the milk farm next door, the step into ice cream production was not far fetched. The result is an award winning milk based ice cream in five different flavours; vanilla, roasted almond, coffee & cocoa, strawberries and the newcomer: Apple sorbet.

– We wanted to utilize the farm’s every resource and create jobs for the whole family and others in the local community. We have invested heavily in developing our brand and developing new products based on the farm’s resources. Quality and professionalism are central to our entire business, says Elin Klufterud.

The winner dares to be innovative

Through the establishment of ice cream production, the winner has shown the ability to renew and has created a new and important source of income at Bamsrud. The Ice Cream has also received the Matmerk Specialty brand award for its unique taste.

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