These eight things will be more expensive in 2017

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Something becomes cheaper and something will be more expensive next year. This becomes more expensive.

  1. Fuel tax. It has been proposed to raise the tax on gasoline by 15 øre per liter and the diesel tax by 35 øre per liter in 2017.
  2. Health care. The ceiling for deductible for health care increases by 20 million, from 2.185 to 2.205.
  3. Alcohol and tobacco. The taxes on smoking and chewing tobacco increased by 2%, alcohol taxes increased by 2.1%. It is in line with expected inflation.
  4. Chocolate and sugar. Adjusted in line with inflation.
  5. Student loans. The interest rate on student loan will be increased to a normal level of interest rates, so that in January 2017 it will be increased by 0.35 percentage points.
  6. Airline passenger fee. The air passenger tax is proposed to be increased from 80 million to 82 million.
  7. Electricity. Electricity tax is proposed to be increased to 16.32 kilowatt hour.
  8. Secondary residence. Interest deduction for secondary residence is lowered from 25 percent to 20 percent, which will make it less profitable to have a secondary residence.

Source: TV2 / Norway Today