Farmers receive support from LO

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Farmers receive support from LO

Agriculture and Food Minister Jon Georg Dale (Frp) believes farmers demand too much, but they receive support from the Federation of Trade Unions (LO).


– The farmers broke the of negotiations after being offered higher wage growth than others. In respect to the moderation of salary settlements it is important to also have moderation in the agricultural negotiations this year, says Dale to Klassekampen.

However, Jan-Egil Pedersen, director of the Norwegian Federation of food and beverage Workers Union (NNN), believes that the farmers’ demands are fully acceptable.

Bridge the gap

– Parliament has said that we should bridge the gap between the incomes of farmers and the rest of society. Then they must get something more each year to diminish the gap, says Pedersen to Klassekampen.

The farmers’ protest action against the agricultural settlement lasted three hours Friday morning. In total, the farmers blocked 26 wholesale stores across the country. The reason is that the farmers think the Government’s offer is miles away from what is needed.

– We have a minimum wage guarantee, which gives a bigger wage supplement for those who earn the least, therefore the farmers should get something extra for a few years, says Pedersen.


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