MDG-Hansson guarantees: We are the safest choice

MDG, We are the safest choiceMDG, Rasmus Hansson, Photo: MDG

MDG’s spokesperson Rasmuss Hansson guarantees: We are the safest choice

Despite the strong headwinds facing the Party, the Green’s sole representative in parliament, Rasmus Hansson, is not in doubt: MDG is the safest alternative for all environmental voters. ‘We are the safest choice’,  he says.


– We guarantee that we will be able to influence any Government, whether it is the center-left or center-right, in an environmentally friendly direction, Hansson states.

The MDG concluded Sunday’s national meeting in Lillehammer.

– It’s just a matter of the slowdown of 1 poor percentage before you have a situation where we are the joker in the Norwegian Government issue, says the MDG convention to NTB.

Hansson is the party’s sole parliamentary representative, national spokesman and first candidate in Akershus.

The MDG has made it clear that they can cooperate with any of the other parties, with the exception of the Progress Party.


The Greens aims to get 5 percent support in the election, but the average in the last three months has been 2.7 percent. In other words, the party must use the election campaign very well to reach its ambitious goal.

– The proposal to phase out the oil industry in 15 years is the start of a process that will push for a green shift and a commitment to safe green jobs to replace increasingly unsafe jobs in the oil and related industries, says Hansson.

– We will make it increasingly clear that it is a bluff to persuade people that the oil future is assured.

He warns that the MDG in the election campaign will make it clear to the voters that it is the green future that is safe.

– It is an oil-based, selfish and parochial politics that is unsafe, both in the short and long term, also for people who are imagined that change is a threat, says Hansson.

No party pooper

MDG can not be accused of wooing voters with resolutions to wind up the duty-free scheme. Cut car traffic in large cities by 20 percent in four years. Reduce traffic at Norwegian airports by 30 percent and call off the real wage growth in exchange for shorter hours.

But the party believes it is imperative with strong lye to clear a necessary restructuring of oil economy to a green circular economy based on sustainable growth, recycling, reuse and borrowing.

– Our program is packed with proposals for a creative Norway. A country characterized by freedom, diversity, fast and furious, says Une Bastholm. She is the other national spokesperson for MDG.

– We are not afraid that we will be perceived as a party pooper. Our voters understand very well that Norway must change when the rest of the world does, and that it is only so that we can preserve quality of life and welfare in the future.

200,000 jobs

Examples of cases Bastholm believes will draw voters to the MDG, is a more human policy on drugs, with emphasis on treatment rather than punishment, ending temporary residence for single minor asylum seekers and a more comprehensive policy in health and school.

– We have decided to be a clear counter-weight against right-wing populism, also in Norway. I think people miss that, says Bastholm.

The two leaders went to a frontal attack on the Progress Party (FrP) in their joint convention speech on Friday. It was used to explain how Norway will be able to create 10,000 new jobs a year to replace 200,000 oil jobs.

Keywords are new jobs in food production, forestry, shipping, fishing, energy efficiency and recycling. Also repair, reuse, leasing and lending jobs.


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