Olsen wants to continue as governor in the National Bank

Interest rateNorges Bank. CEO Øystein Olsen. Photo Norges Bank
The position as the governor of the National Bank of Norway has been advertised, and Øystein Olsen confirms that he is going to apply for six more years in the job.
 The advertisement was published in Aftenposten on Sunday and the term of years, which includes being the head of the Executive Board of the National Bank – is to be filled from 1 January 2017. The  deadline for applications  is April 24.
The current Governor Øystein Olsen confirms to Reuters that he is a candidate.
– I am motivated to continue as governor, and can confirm that I am going to apply for the position, says Olsen, who is allowed one more term as the governor of the bank.
“We require someone with a solid understanding of monetary policy, financial markets and asset management. The Governor also needs to have a broad social orientation and a good understanding of the  role of the central bank and international economy. Good communication skills and English language skills are also required , ” the advertisement says.
The person appointed for the position is also required to possess qualifications including at least a master’s degree in economics or its equivalent and to have broad experience in the public or private sectors.
Øystein Olsen (64) is an economist and his previous job was as managing director of Statistics Norway (SSB) . He became governor of the bank early in 2011
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today