Housing speculators look beyond Oslo

tb5ad07eBergen.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

Professional home buyers are looking at other cities than Oslo.Bergen speculators now dominate the housing market.


NRK surveyed real estate agents in the five largest Norwegian cities.

Bedrijven die eerder in Oslo hebben gewerkt, hebben nu gekoch appartementen across Norway.

Slow down growth in Oslo, the government tightened mortgage requirements,
introducing its own special requirements.

‘We are looking to investors who have reached the peak, and no longer find the
housing market in Oslo interesting. Nu er de som ser på mulighederne i Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim, ‘said journalist, Torgeir Hågøy, of Commercial Property Estates.

The City Council for Urban Development in Bergen, Anna Elisa Tryti, of The Labor Party (AP), wants to protect ordinary home buyers in their dealings with real estate investors.

‘We are in dialogue with the councilor, Jan Tore Sanner.’ The big cities want tools to secure living environments, with families with children at the center, ‘said Tryti.

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