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Lower interest rates in the Loan Fund from September

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Early students can save more kroner annually when interest rates in the Loan Fund are reduced by up to 0.02% from the 1st of September.


The interest rate is now 2.227% for a three year binding time, 2.472% for five years, and 3.047% for ten years.

There’ll be a 0.02% reduction for the five-year rate, and 0.01% for the ten year binding time. The three-year rate will remain unchanged.

The floating rate on the student loan will be 2.188% from September the 1st, which is 0.02% lower than in July and August. Interest rates in the Loan Fund can be changed six times a year.

577,900, a large majority, of those who are currently repaying loans in the Loan Fund, have floating interest rates, while 66,900 customers have fixed interest rates.

Customers wishing to bind the interest rates from September the 1st, can do so between the 10th and 17th of August.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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