Overproduction does not provide cheaper lamb

Sheep wolf killing tunnelsSheep with lambs . Photo: Norway Today Media

Although Nortura and Norgesgruppen have teamed up to sell off part of the profits of Norwegian lamb, the price won’t fall for you in the store. The so-called ‘regulatory warehouse’ of lamb was approximately 3,200 at year end.

With an oversupply estimated at 1,200 tons this year, which continues to grow, a joint initiative between Nortura and Norgesgruppen has begun to make inroads into the salvaged meat, reported E24.

‘Already, this year we have taken 800-900 tons of lamb meat out of the storage warehouse, so it is a good development’, said Director, Jakob Simonhjell, of Nortura Totalmarked.

But even though Norgesgruppen have an agreement with Nortura to sell 1,200 tons of extra lamb from the cold store, the lamb will not be cheaper for the consumer.

‘In general, the price of frozen lamb will be somewhat lower. And this season there will always be promotions running on lamb’, said Espen Schøning Lie, who is responsible for perishable products in Meny supermarkets. He added that it is not desirable to dump prices of lamb.

‘Instead, we want to establish production of goods that we can sell throughout the year, such as lamb mince, salted mutton, lamb sausages,and lamb burgers’, he said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today