‘’Pizzabakeren’’ (The pizza baker) exceeds 200 restaurants in Scandinavia

Pizzabakeren.Photo: Kent Skibstad / NTB scanpix

Since its inception in 2003, Pizzabakeren has opened 185 outlets in Norway.

In four years, there have been 18 sales outlets opened in Sweden, and last year, the initiative began in Denmark.

According to Finansavisen newspaper, Pizzabakeren runs another concept in Sweden than in Norway, because the Norwegian pizza market is quite different from the Swedish one. The company chose to expand abroad because the market in Norway is approaching the saturation point, which they believe is at 200 outlets.

Swedish, Hans Lewin, has the franchise contract in Sweden, where there are no other takeaway chains for pizza, but about 3,500 small and family-owned pizzerias.

The market also differs from Norway, as the Swedes want thin, Italian pizzas. Unlike Norwegians, the Swedes do not share large pizzas, but each have their own pizza portions.

The goal is to increase outlets to 25 restaurants in 2019.

‘’In the future, we are aiming to open six to eight new outlets annually’’ Lewin said.

Pizzabakeren has opened its first outlet in Denmark, where the goal is 40 outlets in five years. There is also one Pizzabakeren in Spain, and one in China.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today