Predicts record-breaking Easter for cross border shopping

Charlottensbergs Shoppingcenter border tradeCharlottensbergs Shoppingcenter.Sweden.Photo: Norway Today Media

Predicts record-breaking Easter for cross border shopping

The shopping centers at the border between Sweden and Norway already report tremendously good visitor and turnover figures this Easter. “This is probably another record-breaking season for Easter trade,” Nettavisen writes.

“We have already seen high numbers of consumers. We have already at five percent higher turnover than last year, which was an all-time high,” says center manager Ståle Løvheim at the Norby Shopping center.

So far, the center at Svinesund has sold for around SEK 150 million. And most of the turnover is by eager shoppers from Norway.

At Easter, I can guess that 95 percent of the customers are Norwegians. Swedes shy away.

“Many people were paid their salaries and retirements on the Friday before the palm weekend. This is an advantage for us. So everything is there for us to get a record Easter,” he says.

The center manager at the shopping center in Charlottenberg also reports a higher number of visitors this holiday season.

“We do not have figures on turnover. But we have visitor numbers, and they are very high. We have an average of 28,000 visitors every day. So far, it has been considerably better than last year, and better than in 2017,” says center leader Madeleine Ward at the Charlottenberg Shopping Center.

Last year, border trade increased by 4.1 percent compared with the year before. Norwegians traded for a total of NOK 15.7 billion on day trips abroad in 2018, figures from Statistics Norway show.

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