Record number of houses for sale with 3,300 showings in Oslo alone this weekend

House homesHouse. Photo. Pixabay

Not since 2010 have there been so many homes for sale as there are now. This weekend, 3,300 showings are planned in Oslo alone.


‘This weekend is particularly busy for August. This is not least because the schools are starting again. People are ready to think ahead, and many are geared up to change homes,’ said Director at Privatmegeren, Grethe Wittenberg Meier, to Aftenposten newspaper.

There are approximately 30% more homes for sale than there were at the same time last year, and there haven’t been so many homes for sale since 2010.

According to, 344 viewings will be held in Oslo on Saturday, and 2,928 on Sunday. On Thursday afternoon, there were 5,452 homes for sale advertised on Of these, 1,606 are new homes.

‘Those who are buying a home are lucky because they have a lot to choose from. Buyers have a little more power, and an opportunity to make bargains’, said Meier.

The sellers are advised to make sure that everything isn’t sold at the first viewing.

Housing prices in Norway fell by 0.7% in June, and 0.2% in July, according to Real Estate Norway’s housing price statistics. These figures are adjusted to include seasonal variations.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today