Take care using drones on New Year’s Eve

Next accidents with drones doubled last yearDrones.Photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson).Wikimedia

Take care using drones on New Year’s Eve

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority asked people to prevent serious accidents when the fireworks are launched on New Year’s Eve.


The Civil Aviation Authority fears that many people use drones to snap nice pictures of fireworkson New Year’s Eve.

Fireworks are a beautiful view in the sky and drones provide the opportunity to get closer and take nice pictures of both the sky and crowd. The combination of fireworks and drones can, however, get a far less pleasant outcome if something goes wrong, and the Civil Aviation Authority asked people to show care and caution.

“If the drone falls on someone’s head, it could have fatal consequences,” said Communications Director of the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority, Frank Gøran Nordheim.

There are strict rules everyone who flies drones must relate to. It is forbidden, among other things, to fly drones in the dark due to poor visibility. In addition, firing fireworks can damage the drone and cause it to come out of control. For reasons of safety, drones are not allowed to fly over public crowds, and the drone must stay 150 meters away from people, cars and buildings.

“There are two things to remember in particular. It is not allowed to fly when it is dark and it is not allowed to fly over the crowd. If people manage to remember it on New Year’s Eve, then I will be satisfied, ” said Nordheim.

As a drone driver, one is obliged to fly carefully and cautiously, and one is responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of the flight.

The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority is therefore considering notifying all offences to the police, and encouraged people to show drone-sense and enjoy the fireworks from the ground.

“It is the hobby drone flyers we are concerned about,” Nordheim concluded and encouraged people to familiarise themselves with the regulations on dronelek.no.

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