Russian shipping company: – A difficult situation

Tromsø.The Russian trawler Bukhta Naezdnik.Photo : Rune Stoltz Bertinussen / NTB scanpix

Russian transport authorities will investigate the fire in the Russian trawler in Tromsø, and representatives from the shipping company will come to Tromsø on Thursday.

The trawler Bukhta Naezdnik overturned at the quay in Breivika in Tromsø on Thursday morning after being on fire for almost a day.

Representatives from the Murmansk Trawl Fleet shipping company will come to Tromsø on Thursday evening.

“It is very difficult. This is, to put it mildly, not a good situation,” says department head Aleksej Osjchipenko of the shipping company to NRK.

The trawler has been at the quay in Tromsø for a while because it had to be repaired before going out for cod fishing again. The ship has a home port in Murmansk.

“The 29-man crew is accommodated in hotels, and they hope to be able to return to Murmansk as soon as possible,” says Osjchipenko.

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