Scientific expeditions clarified with Russia

Research Ship G. O SARSResearch Ship G. O SARS.Photo:

Institute for Marine Research (IMR) has been given the green light to implement its planned expeditions in the Russian part of the Barents Sea, but must take into consideration any military exercises.

Earlier this year, the institute was denied access to the Russian regions for the first time, as the annual winter military mission was being carried out.

The Russian Northern Fleet would not allow research vessel in the area, where it carried out military exercises.

The Foreign Ministry Department brought up the matter with the Russians, with chief negotiator Arne Røksund in the Industry and Fisheries Ministry and they have now come to a solution with Russia, NRK news reported.

– We have spent a lot of time discussing access for our oceanographic research vessels in the Russian zone of the Barents Sea. We have established a system where research can be conducted while taking into consideration any military exercises that are being carried out, says Røksund.

Sissel Rogne, Director at IMR also feels optimist.

– For the oceanography and my specific focus on achieving the best possible marine research, I’m sort of glad that the reason is due to the Russian military exercises.

I know that our research expeditions are not related to any military activities. Our boats are one hundred percent civilian, said Rogne.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today