Several hundred thousand of us don’t care about the content of the tax report

Tax reportTax report

A total of nine out of ten of those living in Norway (90%) have checked our tax report, reported ABC Nyheter newspaper.

Those who are due for money returned plan to use it on debt repayment, saving and spending on vacation, shows a YouGov survey carried out for Landkreditt Bank.

In a month, specifically on June the 22nd, the first group will receive their tax settlement on bank accounts. Settlements will be paid out until the 25th of October.

‘That nine out of ten have checked the tax report sounds better than it really is; there are still hundreds of thousands of people who don’t worry about checking something as important as the tax return report’, says Rolf Lothe, Head of the Tax Department in the Taxpayers’ Association.

The survey showed that 16% of those who have money returned use it to pay off mortgages, credit cards or other debts.

It also appeared that four out of ten people planned to put money into savings accounts, while three out of ten would spend the money on holiday.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today