Solar panel producer to invest billions

The sun can do all the power producersSolar cells. Photo

Solar panel manufacturer, Norsun, plans to invest NOK three billion in timely production over the next few years.


Last year, the plan was to double production, and employ 100 people at the facility in
Årdalstangen in the heart of the Sognefjord. Now the company has adjusted its ambitions,wrote Bergens Tidende newspaper.

“We have looked at our potential if we use the area we have available. We are talking about a gradual development. The third phase involves global scale production with investments of up to NOK 3 billion”, said Director, Svenn Ivar Fure. The third stage of construction could be realised in 2022.

Fure believes growth and development moves so fast that it is important to be ready early on.

“Solar and wind energy increases each day. The renewable revolution currently under way is comparable to the investments the power industry experienced in the 1900s in Western Norway”,he said.

In order to manage billions in investments, the company has to raise more capital.


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  1. Pedro J Alfonso y Capin | 13. February 2018 at 15:15 |

    Solar is great! New structural designs in housing where side-walks, fences, roof, and walls can be taken into consideration for solar built! There are so many other Clean Renewable Energy Production possibles which as well you need to invest and develop! Hydrogen, sea wave power, wind, perpetual motion machines magnetized, volcanoes, biological trash recycling, river currents, etc., etc.! There needs to be a concerted effort made to instill in the oil producing companies that they can continue to make profits, and eventually greater profits if they get into Clean Renewable Energy Production!!!!!!!!!!!

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