Stores sold a record amount of Christmas food

Christmas foodChristmas food.Photo.

Food shops set sales records for Christmas food in 2016, but the price war was not as costly as in 2015.

All food chains are reporting record food sales for the pre-Christmas period, writes Aftenposten newspaper.

‘Meny’ supermarket said that 160 of their 200 stores had a weekly record before Christmas.

‘Coop’ announced that they had sold 800 tons of lamb, and 450 tons of turkey.

Meanwhile, stores reported that the price war for Christmas food was not as costly as the year before, and the battle for customers was less aggressive.

‘There were many goods at artificially low prices, but it brought us a lot of new customers, and so increased sales. In that sense, it was a good investment’, said communications manager, Kristine Arvin, of the Kiwi chain.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today